Current regulations for a visit to our forest climbing parks:

  • (please scroll down for our FAQs /frequently asked questions, which are gradually being expanded)
  • The number of guests is strictly regulated. Only guests with a reservation in advance are granted access! (Here you can book online) You can book until 1h in advance; the booking
    is free of charge and can be cancelled at any time (by phone or by mail).
  • In the climbing park the general contact restrictionsapply. Otherwise, the minimum distance of 1.50 m must always be observed.
  • Children’s course: Children are only allowed to climb from the age of 5! Otherwise, the normal conditions on the children’s course apply again. From 6 years, an accompaniment on the ground is sufficient. An adult can supervise up to 10 children. 5 year olds must be accompanied by an adult climbing 1:1!
  • Adventure course: Children up to and including 11 years of age must be accompanied in the course, a companion (minimum age 14 and safe feeling in the course) can accompany up to 2 children. From the 14, as usual, our parks can be visited completely independently. For 12- and 13-year-old climbers, an accompaniment on the ground is sufficient for an adult person.
  • All guests on our premises undertake to comply with the generally applicable measures for infection protection (contact restrictions, minimum distance, sneebean label, do not face up to the face, etc.).

In addition in Bad Neuenahr:

  • For climbers with a body weight of less than 60 kg, the use of the mega cable car is prohibited!

In addition in Velbert-Langenberg:

  • On the entire square in front of the Bismarck Tower (climbing park reception, gastronomy, picnic tables, toilet building) mask dutyapplies. Only children under 6 years of age are excluded. Visitors are allowed to remove the mask when they leave the course, in the forest, at the mini golf and at the beer garden tables. If necessary, you can buy cheap one-off masks from us.

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Currently, in addition to the registration form, our Corona registration form must be completed per household. If you click here, you can already download the sheet.

Our normal registration form can be found here:

Here is a nice overview of the current parking operation in Corona times (RTL West, 6 pm)

Frequently asked questions:

What are the contact restrictions for forest adventures?

On the ground and in the climbing courses, as everywhere, the general contact restrictions apply. However, people who have to keep the minimum distance with each other can still book the same start date in the climbing park. All you have to do is keep a minimum distance of 1.50m to each other at any time. We have taken all the precautions to make this possible. However, we depend on the cooperation of our visitors and guests to ensure that this is always adhered to.

Please also note that wearing mouth and nose protection does not remove the minimum distance and contact restrictions ! These always remain valid, whether with or without protection.

Details and the always up-to-date version of the contact restrictions can be found here for the park Velbert (NRW) and here for the parks Bad Neuenahr and Leiwen (Rhineland Palatinate).

Do we have to wear a mask in the climbing park?

In the forest and in the course you usually do not have to wear a mask. However, visitors should use a mask always have time at hand to protect yourself and others if you get into a situation where the minimum distance cannot be observed for a short time, e.g. to go to the toilet or when a guide comes by in the course to help another guest.

Even during a height rescue, the affected guest should wear mouth and nose protection. Our guides have masks with them in case.

Attention! In addition in Velbert-Langenberg attention!:

On the entire square in front of the Bismarck Tower (climbing park reception, gastronomy, picnic tables, toilet building) mask dutyapplies. Only children under 6 years of age are excluded. Visitors are allowed to remove the mask when they leave the course, in the forest, at the mini golf and at the beer garden tables. If necessary, you can buy cheap one-off masks from us.

Do we have to wear gloves with you in the forest?

Gloves are not absolutely necessary,we have several points in the forest where you can disinfect your hands. Please be careful not to get in your face.

Do you also perform openings during the week?

We need to look into this on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us at:

When are you currently open?

Currently, our parks in Velbert-Langenberg and Bad Neuenahr are open every day except Mondays during the school holidays. Leiwen opens on Thursdays-Sundaysduring the school holidays.

All opening days can be found here:

My child will soon be 6 years old, can he climb with you?

Children from 5 years are welcome to climb with us. They must be accompanied by an adult on the course. From 6 years (school age) can be climbed alone on the children’s course, it is enough to accompany on the ground.

Why is access restricted for children under 5, why do children up to 11 have to be accompanied in the adventure course?

It is about avoiding traffic jams in the course (where the minimum distance cannot be granted safely) and the protection of our employees. Experience has shown that younger children require a higher intensity of care than older children, and require more contact. In addition, preschoolers cause faster traffic jams on the course, which are normally tolerated, but in today’s times represent a violation of contact restrictions and thus an increased risk of infection. Therefore, guests under 5 are currently not allowed to climb; Children between 9 and 11 years on the adventure course climb in company, only from 12 years you can climb alone as usual. For children up to 11 years of age, we expect the accompanying person to participate actively and forward-lookingly, so that the child complies with the rules, in particular the minimum distance.

Can we climb with our school class?

Yes, we receive school classes again. However, currently only school
classes from NRW.

(Excerpt from the publication of the Ministry of Education NRW:„Journeys and excursions within Germany can be carried out in compliance with the necessary measures to protect infection. Multi-day trips within North Rhine-Westphalia or other federal states as well as one-day hiking days and excursions to extracurricular learning places, such as museum visits, are thus possible. When booking and planning, the compatibility with infection protection must be carefully checked in advance.“)

The same rules apply to us in the park as in the school, but in addition our admission conditions (adult-to-kids care ratio) must be adhered to.

In Rhineland-Palatinate, we currently do not know of any rule that makes school trips possible for classes again.

Can we celebrate our children's birthday with you?

Yes, gladly. Please observe only the above applicable accompanying rules!

We can also offer the „birthday carefree package“ again, the treasure hunts anyway!

Is the climbing labyrinth open?

Yes, our climbing labyrinth is open normally.

Is it possible to rent the barbecue pavilion (Velbert)?

Yes! The barbecue pavilion can currently accommodate up to 150 people.

Please note, however, the mask obligation on the common forecourt. Only in the barbecue pavilion and if you are sitting at tables in front of the pavilion, the mask can be removed.

In addition, each participating household must fill out a form with its contact detailson site.

Can we climb with our company outing?

Currently you can book a briefing with up to 12 people in Bad Neuenahr, 15 people in Velbert-Langenberg and up to 8 people in Leiwen. If there were more people, we would have to divide the group into two briefings. However, minimum distances and general rules of conduct must be strictly observed (see contact restrictions).

We are more people than you can currently instruct, can we still book?

Of course. We will then have to divide your group into two briefings and you must comply with the distance rules. It is best to send us an e-mail:

Why are the climbing parks allowed to reopen?

Our park in Bad Neuenahr was allowed to open as early as April 25. The basis for this was the 4th version of the Corona Control Ordinance of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate of 17 April, which again allowed ‚individual sports outdoors‘.

Our park in Velbert is subject to the Corona Protection Ordinance of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, which in its version of 7 May allows recreational sports on public or private outdoor sports facilities.

In Leiwen we should also open in principle (same federal state as Bad Neuenahr), but we are looking for the holiday village Landal, because our park is located on the Landal site.

Is it right to reopen the climbing parks?

We are, of course, aware of the social debate on the speed and framework conditions of the easing measures. We do not want and cannot take a position in this debate. We can only comply with the official requirements, another line would not be possible in many respects.