Current regulations for a visit to our forest climbing parks:

Here you will find our general admission conditions

(Attention! Due to the pandemic, it is imperative that you follow the adapted rules below!)

Children’s course from 105 cm height (due to the pandemic currently 110 cm) (age recommendation from 4 years)

Adventure course from 140 cm height (age recommendation from 9 years)


Accompanying Rules:


Under 6 years: Accompaniment on the course necessary. Supervision ratio 1:2

From 6 years (school age): climbing alone possible. One adult can take care of 10 children. On the ground is enough.

Under 14s: one adult can look after 10 children. On the ground is enough (Attention: observe current special rules in the pandemic).

from 14 years: the climbing park may be visited completely alone.


Current Covid Special Rules:

Attention! Please observe the following rules before booking due to the infection protection law:

  • (please scroll down for our FAQs / frequently asked questions, which will be extended bit by bit)
  • The number of guests is strictly regulated. Only guests with a pre-booking will be granted access! (Click here for online booking) You can book up to 1h in advance; the booking is free and can be cancelled at any time (by phone or mail).
  • General contact restrictions apply in the climbing park. Otherwise, the minimum distance of 1.50 m (Velbert: on the course 5 meters distance) must be maintained at all times.
  • How many people, from how many households, you are allowed to stay with us, depends on the current regulations of the corona protection ordinance of the respective federal state(NRW/RLP).
  • Children‘s course: Children are currently only allowed to climb from 110 cm! Otherwise, the normal conditions apply again on the children’s course. From 6 years an escort on the ground is sufficient. One adult can supervise up to 10 children.
  • Adventure course: Children up to and including 11 years of age must be accompanied in the climbing course, an accompanying person (minimum age 14 and safe feeling in the course) may accompany up to 2 children (special rules for school classes please enquire by telephone). From the age of 14, our parks may be visited completely independently, as usual. For 12 and 13 year old climbers, an adult escort on the ground is sufficient.
  • All guests on our premises agree to comply with the generally applicable infection control measures (contact restrictions, minimum distance, sneezing etiquette, do not touch your face, etc).

Additionally in Bad Neuenahr:

  • For climbers with a body weight under 60 kg the use of the mega cable car is prohibited!
  • Masks are compulsory on the entire premises. Only on the courses, when climbing, no mask must be worn.
  • A Coronatest is currently not required!

Additionally in Velbert-Langenberg:

  • Compulsory testing!
    • Negative test (not older than 48 hours) has to be shown with an ID at the cash desk.
    • Children exempt from compulsory testinguntil they start school.
    • Fully vaccinated and recovered persons do not need a test, only proof (vaccination card, medical certificate).
  • Masks are compulsory on the entire square in front of the Bismarck Tower (climbing park reception, gastronomy, picnic tables, toilet building). Only children under the age of 6 are excluded. Visitors are allowed to remove the mask when they leave the site, in the forest, at the mini-golf and at the beer garden tables. If necessary, you can buy cheap disposable masks from us.

Click here to make an online booking

On site, one person of your climbing group has to log in to via a QR code.

You can find our normal registration forms here:

Here's a nice overview of current park operations in Corona times (RTL West, 6pm).

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the contact restrictions on Wald Abenteuer?

On the ground and in the climbing courses, the generally applicable contact restrictions apply, as everywhere else. However, people who have to keep the minimum distance from each other can still book the same start date in the climbing park. All they have to do is keep a minimum distance of 1.50 m from each other at all times (Velbert: 5 m on the course). We have taken every precaution to ensure that this is possible. However, we rely on the cooperation of our visitors and guests to ensure that this is always adhered to.

Please also note that wearing mouth and nose protection does not remove the minimum distance and contact restrictions ! These always remain valid, whether with or without protection.

Details and the always current version of the contact restrictions can be found here for the park Velbert (NRW) and here for the parks Bad Neuenahr and Leiwen (Rheinland Pfalz).

Do we have to wear a mask at the climbing park?

In Bad Neuenahr there is a masking policyin force on the entire premises. Only in the course, when climbing, no mask must be worn.

The affected guest should also wear mouth and nose protection during a height rescue. Our guides carry masks just in case.

In Velbert-Langenberg masks are compulsory, masks are compulsory on the whole square in front of the Bismarck Tower (climbing park reception, gastronomy, picnic tables, toilet building). Only children under the age of 6 are excluded. Visitors are allowed to remove the mask when they leave the site, in the forest, at the mini-golf and at the beer garden tables. If necessary, you can buy cheap disposable masks from us.

Do we have to wear gloves in the woods with you guys?

Gloves are not mandatory, we have several points in the forest where you can disinfect your hands. Please be careful not to touch your face. You can still buy gloves on site or bring your own.

Do you guys do openings during the week?

We have to examine this on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us at:

My child will soon be 110 cm tall, can he climb with you?

Normally kids are allowed to climb from 105 cm height. Currently we have to increase the minimum size due to the pandemic. Children from 110 cm are welcome to climb with us. They must be accompanied on the course by an adult if the child is still under 6 years old. From 6 years old (school age) can climb alone on the children’s course, an escort on the ground is sufficient.

Why is access for children under 110 cm currently not possible, why do children up to 11 have to be accompanied in the adventure course ?

It is about avoiding congestion in the course (where the minimum distance cannot be safely granted) and protecting our employees. Younger/smaller children, in our experience, require a higher intensity of care than older ones, and require contact more often. In addition, preschoolers are more likely to cause congestion in the course, which is normally tolerated, but in today’s world is a violation of contact restrictions and therefore an increased risk of infection. Therefore, guests under 110 cm are currently not allowed to climb; children under 12 years of age on the adventure course climb accompanied, only after 12 years of age are they allowed to climb alone as usual. For children up to the age of 11, we expect the accompanying person to participate actively and with foresight so that the child observes the rules, especially the minimum distance.

Please call for special rules for school classes!

Can we come climbing with our school class?

No, currently school classes are not allowed to visit us.

However, you are welcome to bookan appointment for before or after the summer holidays.

You can cancelyour appointment free of chargeup to 48 hours in advance.

Can we have our kid's birthday party at your house?

Yeah, I’d love to. Please only observe the above accompanying rules!

We can only offer the “birthday carefree package” when the outdoor gastronomy is allowed to reopen. Treasure hunts are no problem and can be carried out.

Is the climbing maze open?

Yes, our climbing maze is open as normal.

Is it possible to rent the barbecue pavilion (Velbert)?

No! Currently no celebrations are possible. You are of course welcome to secure dates already!


Can we come climbing with our company outing?

Unfortunately, we are not able to make any statement at the moment. However, we anticipate that from the summer onwards there will be further relaxation and that we will be able to hold team events.

We are happy to plan your event already. Cancellation is always possible.

More info:

There are more of us than you can currently fit in, can we still book?

Of course. We then have to divide your group into two briefings and you must absolutely adhere to the distance regulations. The best thing to do is to send us an email:

Is it right to reopen the climbing parks ?

We are, of course, aware of the social debate about the speed and framework of the easing measures. We do not want to and cannot take a position in this debate. We can only adhere to the official guidelines, a different line would not be justifiable under many aspects.