WALDSAUSE 2024 on Saturday, August 31, 2024!

Artists 2024:


MYRI is a singer-songwriter from Cologne who invites us to immerse ourselves in the beauty of the moment with her music. True to her motto “unite& flourish with music from the heart”, she takes us on a journey through various genres such as pop, reggae, chanson and funk with her vocals and guitar.






Stereo Naked

Stereo Naked are the New Zealand double bass player Pierce Black and the banjo player Julia Zech when they enchant their audience with this unusual combination. They found each other through the Cologne bluegrass scene and have developed their very own folky “naked” sound on this basis.

After many kilometers together, adventure tours through Europe from Ireland to Lithuania, their third album “Upside Down” was released in 2024. It has been particularly well received on British soil, it has been played several times on BBC radio and Deutschlandfunk also says: “With simple yet beautiful harmony vocals over calm fingerpicking, Stereo Naked conjure up a few rays of sunshine on the soul.”

At their live concerts, charm collides with dry humor and every song is a little hand-crafted story. What Stereo Naked achieve is their shared passion, namely to take bluegrass out of its niche and utilize it in a playful and touching way for a wide audience with their songwriting. What the two of them are doing has no calculation, no filter. Exactly what they are and sound like.







With countless gigs played and an upbeat response, the band einKlang has come on in leaps and bounds since it was founded in 2014. And it turned out that handmade music with a profound message is exactly what so many people have been eagerly waiting for. This is probably not least due to the fact that the band unwaveringly goes its own way and devotes itself entirely to the music.

The musicians’ many years of stage experience and participation in a wide variety of projects have led to aninexhaustible repertoire of stylistic versatility, which the band einKlang skillfully weaves into a new sound of its own, which it calls “colorful music”.

The fact that this is an affair of the heart quickly becomes clear, especially on stage: the band opens up a space that is both highly concentrated and imbued with the joy of playing, celebrating the love of music.






Nico Mono & Band

“For me, music is a bridge to meet people and a playground where I can let off steam. The best moment is when everyone sings together – a unity is created through the music.”

From communication problems, everyday heroes or escaping from routine, to the depths of our feelings. Nico Mono draws pictures that are written by everyday life, that our society produces and in which we all find ourselves. Musically in tune with the times, writes Nico Mono popular music with an indie rock character. There are stylistic greetings from Bosse to Clueso. The first impressions of childhood loves such as Oasis or The Killers can be heard again and again. The Rhinelander impresses on his own in acoustic guise as well as with a full line-up on the festival stage. Nico Mono has left the “designer life” (first album 2012) behind him. His EP “Captain Risiko” and the singles “Amsterdam” and “Feenstaub” have already proven that musical lightness paired with thematic depth is exactly the right mix to form a unity through music – so that in the end everyone sings together again. The release of Amsterdam was followed by appearances on television (SWR Landesschau) and radio stations (various city radios, ARD) or Newcomer of the Week at Ampya. His most recently released single URLAUB is available on all the usual channels: Spotify, iTunes and Co.

Nico has already wowed the guests in our beer garden at “Kulturinarisch 2023” and quickly qualified for the headliner slot at the next WaldSause. This time not just as a duo, but as a trio.






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VVV Langenberg e.V.

The VVV Langenberg was founded on January 19, 1883. Since its foundation, the association has exclusively and directly pursued charitable purposes. This includes in particular the preservation of local history, which finds its expression in the beautification of the district of Langenberg and its landscape; primarily the care and maintenance of the association’s property, the construction of facilities and hiking trails or the support of corresponding projects.


Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Velbert was founded in 1962 and is now the largest housing company in Velbert with around 2,500 apartments, 700 parking spaces and garages as well as over 1,250 administrative units for third parties


Sound Power


Sebastian Pfeiffer with his company “Sound Power” supports us with his many years of experience in sound, lighting and stage technology.


Children singing with the rock school

Do you like music ? You even love them ? Then the children’s concert of the Rock School is just right for you.

Our musician Cesare will sing, clap, stomp and above all: have fun with the music.

You are welcome to bring your family, friends and girlfriends, then it will be a real forest binge !!!

Lea Bergen & Dennis Kresin

Lea Bergen and Dennis Kresin
With two voices, a guitar, a stompbox and a lot of music, the singer from Schwelm and the guitarist and singer from Wuppertal present their own songs and cover versions of well-known numbers from pop, soul and rock.

Ticket to Happiness

Ticket to Happiness – the name says it all! Musical style and motivation of the band from Siegen, Münster and Bielefeld is energetic folk rock with the claim to put the listeners and themselves in an emotional state of joy, celebration and dancing mood, happiness. Fast, danceable folk songs alternate with soulful ballads and virtuoso instrumentals. The seven thoroughbred musicians take their listeners on a varied musical journey – sometimes with elements of Irish or American folk, sometimes with the feel of southern European street music.

The live program will focus on their own songs from 2 successful studio albums: already the debut album “All Aboard”, released in April 2018, not only made the audience celebrate exuberantly, but also received excellent reviews in the trade press:
“…the rousing songs from a mixture of folk, Celtic, pop and country quickly inspire… Very coherent debut of the band” (Radio Skala & Folkworld, 29.5.2018)
Ticket to Happiness present on this album a varied mix of fast, danceable folk songs, beautiful ballads and virtuoso instrumental tracks. 400,000 streams of the album on Spotify underpin the extremely positive response from listeners.
In addition, the newly released album “Roaming Riders”. The intensive and creative collaboration with the Echo-nominated producer Pomez di Lorenzo also leaves its mark here. The singles Over Now and Videosa with highly professional videos were a great success. They reached over 100,000 clicks on YouTube and attracted the attention of dozens of radio stations – including WDR 2, NDR 2 and SWR 3. In addition, the band won the WDR 2 contest “Best Band in the West”.
Despite the cancellation of many concerts last year, the young band can already point to a large number of live performances. These range from performances at (folk) festivals and city festivals to individual concerts in music clubs and cultural institutions. In 2019 alone, the band came close to 50 concerts, highlights including performances at the Rudolstadt Festival, the Venner Folkfrühling and the European Celtic Music Festival Lichterfeld. 2022 followed performances at the Folk im Allgäu and the Bardentreffen in Nuremberg, among others.

Ticket to Happiness celebrated a great success at the German Rock and Pop Awards 2018 and 2020, where the band won no less than eight first and second prizes, including best folk rock band, best folk and best country singer, with the best folk rock CD and the best folk rock song (Icarus). Last year they followed up with their single El Ritmo del Amor, which won first prize in the Latin Pop category.

Jan Philipp Bäumer – vocals
Patrick Helle – mandolin, guitar, vocals
Yannick Helle – banjo, guitar, bass drum, vocals
Mona Theyssen – violin, vocals
Stefan Schwarzinger – double bass
Johannes Zinn – guitar, vocals
Benny Schmitges – drums

Homepage: www.ticket2happiness.de
Contact: info@ticket2happiness.de
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ticket.to.happiness
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2rB2ddLpInhnsgjbU0y2Kp#_=_
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ticket.to.happiness/

Sarah Hübers

At the age of 9, a confident girl entered Marco Launert’s rock school and answered his question about what she wanted to learn with :

‘I want to be a rock star!’

This girl was Sarah Hübers from Bocholt, already played guitar and wrote the first own songs.

From that memorable moment in 2015, they both worked on Sarah’s music career, writing songs together, releasing them through the Rock School label, and going step by step together. The young musician from Bocholt played countless gigs at the rock school and on every stage imaginable. There, she initially impressed the audience not with her special vocal abilities, but with her appearance, her charisma and the clearly noticeable absolute will to make it in the music business.

Anecdote on the side :

When asked by a newspaper editor about her plan B should the rock star plan not work out, she only replied in amazement with ‘How now?”.

From the beginning, street music played a big role for the giant talent as the ‘most honest stage in the world’. During a rock school tour to the Bardentreffen in Nuremberg, Europe’s biggest street music festival, she was discovered for the SAT1 TV SHOW “THE VOICE KIDS”.

In 2017 Sarah took part in this show, learned everything you need to know and be able to do for TV appearances, from dealing with nervousness to relaxed handling of cameras, and finally got the chance to open an OPEN AIR – concert of NENA, where she thrilled the 2200 people in the audience.

Concerts and television appearances with Angelo Kelly and the Kelly Family followed, as well as the release of several of his own CDs.

The debut work “Klamotten” was published in 2018, “Eine Welt, die sich nicht dreht” in 2019.

Both are also available on all major streaming platforms.

The initial frustration of the Corona period was alleviated in 2020 by Sarah’s participation in the KiKA/ZDF TV show “DEIN SONG 2021”. It is the only TV format that is all about original compositions.

With her title “Leise Worte werden laut” (Quiet words become loud), which was constantly refined over the entire season of the show with professional coaches and her godfather Johannes Strate (Revolverheld) and finally released with a music video, Sarah finally won in March 2021 at the finale in Leipzig through a telephone and online voting of the DEIN SONG – viewers.

From now on, she held the title of “Songwriter of the Year” and gained a large number of young fans.

Sarah has also long received praise for her vocal performance and gradually developed a distinctive vocal style that she skillfully integrated into her new song material.

As the next highlight, Sarah was commissioned by ZDF to write the theme song “Bist Du bereit?” for the KiKA docu-series “Jungs WG” and also sang the track herself. This acclaimed news was published at the 2022 finale of DEIN SONG, in which Sarah participated together with the candidates of Jungs WG and was interviewed live.

Sarah released her song “Why not now?” with video on Youtubein March 2022.

Sarah loves playing live more than anything and is happy about every engagement.

Sarah Hübers on Facebook



from the Ruhr area hits the drum, makes steam with everything they have. Punk, ska, acoustic, folk, sometimes a little slower then again full lotte. “You and We, all together” is in the foreground, no matter where, festival, demo, living room concert or on a summer evening by the river, there will be laughter, music and fun.

To the website of the band

Donish Folk Company