Please note the admission conditions and accompanying rules for children, thank you!

In one of the most beautiful forests in the country, 20 minutes from Bonn, a unique climbing experience awaits you: one of the longest rope slides in Germany (450m), over 80 climbing elements, Tarzan jumps, death slingshot, banana jump, climbing maze, partner course and Xtreme course. Children’s course from 105 cm height (recommended age: min. 4 years).

You have no more questions, then please book conveniently and without much time directly online. You can book only for regular opening days and available capacity . It is mandatory that you be there 20 minutes before the booked time.

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Spaß für alle

Children's course

AB 105 CM

In the children’s course, children from 105 cm height (age recommendation: min. 4 years) can climb up to 9 metres and conquer the forest! With our continuous safety system, the children are permanently secured and can romp around in the trees without a care in the world. Included: the climbing labyrinth, unique in all of Germany only at Wald-Abenteuer. A net maze up to 8 m high for children up to 50 kg body weight.


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Adventure course

AB 140 CM

The adventure course consists of numerous challenges: Eight courses from green (very easy) to black (very difficult). Including: one of the longest rope slides in Germany (450m of pure flying fun!); a partner course that can only be conquered in pairs; the Pamorama course; two Tarzan jumps and a ‘Banana Jump’; and for those who can’t get enough: the Xtreme course including a unique death slingshot, the perfect kick for adrenaline junkies.


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Mega cable car-450 m flying fun

Included in the adventure course

One of the longest rope slides in Germany: 450 m of flying fun at a height of 30 m over the valley and the Paradieswiese (40 – 100 KG).


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We offer exciting and educational excursions with special prices, from kindergarten to vocational school. Make a relaxed trip to the Climbing Forest without worrying about your students: climbers are secured throughout in both the Children’s Course (for children from 105 cm height/age recommendation min. 4 years) and the Adventure Course (from grade 7). Carefree fun for students and teachers! Teachers can climb along free of charge.


Are you looking for an unforgettable, adventurous and safe children’s birthday party ? We have just the right (climbing) programs for you! We offer you with our program
“Treasure of the Monkeys”
or “The lost diary” exciting treasure hunts that lead through the forest and up the trees.


Team building for groups from 12 to 300 participants. Our 7 default programs are customized to your needs (on the ground or at altitude, from relaxed to very athletic). We are also happy to carry out customized events upon request. Numerous small and large companies have already developed their teams with us: T-Mobile, H&M, Huawei, PWC…



Dwarf course (free of charge)

A low ropes course, right next to the children’s course. Free of charge for each child up to 12 years.

Panorama Course & Adventure 0

The Panorama course, with a view as far as the Ahr valley, and the Adventure 0 course for beginners who want to practice again after the instruction.

Single ropeway Children's course

Sliding without climbing!

A single slide in the children’s course, which can be used individually at any time during the climbing adventure!

Death Slingshot

Throw yourself from a height of 11 m into nothingness and enjoy your adrenaline kick! The death slingshot is part of the Xtreme course and included in the adventure price!

Park map & 360° photos

Our interactive park map. What does our park look like, what courses are there?

Get an offline impression with our 360 ° shots!

Partner course

Reaching the goal with teamwork. Overcome your fears in pairs and get to know a completely different side of your fellow climber!

Climbing maze

Unique in Germany! The climbing maze is the perfect climbing finish at altitude. Included in the children’s course.

Banana Jump

The daring jump to the banana! Gather all your courage and jump off.

Paradise Meadow

Plenty of space to linger, relax, picnic or play on our large lawn right in the park.


Parcours / AngebotPreis
Adventure-Parcours ab 18 J.32,00 €
Adventure-Parcours unter 18 J.27,50 €
Kinder-Parcours 19,00 €

- Familientarif (ab 3 kletternden Familienmitgliedern. Gilt an Wochentagen ohne Einschränkung; an Wochenenden und Feiertagen nur für Einweisungstermine bis 11 Uhr);
- Schüler, Studenten, Azubis (nur wochentags);
- Abendrabatt (vorletzte und letzte Einweisungstermine des Tages, Kletterzeit 30 bzw. 60 Minuten kürzer);
- Gruppen ab 15 Personen
3,50 € Rabatt im Adventure-Parcours,
2,00 € Rabatt im Kinderparcours
Schulklassen im Kinder-Parcours14,00 € ausschließlich an Wochentagen. Ein Betreuer frei pro 10 kletternde Schüler. Am Wochenende gilt unser Gruppentarif.
Schulklassen im Adventure-Parcours17,00 € ausschließlich an Wochentagen. Ein Betreuer frei pro 10 kletternde Schüler. Am Wochenende gilt unser Gruppentarif.
Handschuhe3,00 €
Wald-Abenteuer T-Shirt15,00 €
Schatz der Affen mit Kinder-Parcours
25,00 € pro Gruppe, zzgl. Eintritt im Kinderparcours, inkl. Wald-Abenteuer T-Shirt für das Geburtstagskind (ab 5 bis 10 Kinder)
Das verlorene Tagebuch mit Kinder-Parcours
25,00 € pro Gruppe, zzgl. Eintritt im Kinderparcours, inkl. Wald-Abenteuer T-Shirt für das Geburtstagskind (ab 5 bis 10 Kinder)
Saisonkarten 2023
(gültig für alle 3 Parks, nicht übertragbar)
Adventure ab 18 J. 99,00 €
Adventure unter 18 J. 89,00 €
Kinder-Parcours 59,00 €
Soweit nicht anders angegeben, gelten die oben genannten Preise pro Person. Die Kletterzeit im Adventure-Parcours beträgt 4h inkl. Einweisung und Verleih der Kletterausrüstung (3h bei Schulklassen). Im Kinder-Parcours beträgt die Kletterzeit eine Stunde zzgl. Einweisung und zzgl. 30 Minuten Kletterlabyrinth (Voraussetzungen beachten).



Forest climbing park Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler
Königsfelderstrasse 100
53474 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler

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