Info voor leerkrachten voor uitstapjes naar de bosklimparken

Voor schoolklassen en ook voor kleuterscholen (kinderen vanaf 105 cm lengte) is het bosklimpark een absoluut hoogtepunt. We therefore offer a special school class rate to enable as many children and young people as possible to visit with their class. Vacation camps in the school vacations, during the week, can also receive the school class rate. Ook jeugdgroepen, clubs en andere groepen profiteren zoals voorheen van onze klassieke groepskorting vanaf 15 personen (zie algemene prijslijst).

With us, you as a teacher do not have to worry. It is not possible for the students to unhook from the safety system! (For more detailed information about our safety system click here)

As one of the few providers in the region, Wald-Abenteuer thus offers a particularly relaxed climbing experience for the supervisors of school classes. For every 20 pupils, therefore, only one accompanying person is needed, who does not even have to climb.

In the adventure course, school classes from grade 7 upwards (pupils must be at least 140 cm tall ) can climb around freely for 3 hours. Natuurlijk is er vooraf een gedetailleerde briefing door onze gidsen.

(Note: In our Velbert park, we recommend our large children’s course for 7th graders. Even if the required size and age are given, experience shows that 7th graders still have a much more enjoyable experience on this course than on the Adventure Course).

In the children’s course you can Elementary schools, but also kindergartens or 5th graders, 6. and 7th classes, with children from 105 cm height (recommended age: min. 4 years) can benefit from the already established safety system. There is no need for a long briefing and even here the teachers do not necessarily have to climb along (for children under 6 years of age climbing accompaniment is compulsory). Please make sure that there are enough educators and/or parents to supervise the children after the climb and while waiting for the rest of the children!

Hier vindt u onze checklist: Checklist clubs, scholen en grote groepen


  • School classes on the adventure course: €17.50/student (Leiwen: €15.00)
  • School classes on the children’s course: €14.50/student (Leiwen: €13.00)

Forevery 10 climbing students, one accompanying person can climb free of charge.

Additional adults pay €29.50 per person (€18.00 for the children’s course).

De speciale tarieven voor schoolklassen zijn alleen geldig van maandag t/m vrijdag.

Download informatie voor schoolklassen

Alle informatie voor schoolklassen die een bezoek willen brengen aan het bosklimpark in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Velbert-Langenberg of Leiwen aan de Moezel, kunt u hier als PDF downloaden.

Gelieve het ingevulde inschrijvingsformulier en de namenlijst mee te brengen op de klimdag. Gelieve niet op voorhand te versturen!


On regular opening days, no no-show fees apply (exception: for groups of 15 or more, the cancellation fees listed below apply).

For Special openings (i.e. dates on days that are not included in our Opening calendar are marked in yellow) the following cancellation conditions apply: up to 48h before the appointment can be canceled free of charge; for cancellations between 24 and 48 hours before the appointment, a cancellation fee of 50% is due; for cancellations less than 24 hours before the appointment, a fee of 100% is due. This also applies if the number of participants deviates by 15% or more downwards.