Our Adventure course consists of 8 courses, (including the Mega zipline, the Banana Jump, the Xtreme Course with Death Slingshot, the Partner Course, the Tarz Jumps, ziplines, and more.) and is aimed at visitors from 1.40 m (age recommendation: min. 9 years).

Children up to and including 11 years must be accompanied on the course, one chaperone (minimum age 14 and feeling confident on the course) may accompany up to 2 children.

From the age of 14, as usual, our parks may be visited completely independently. For 12 and 13 year old climbers, an adult companion must remain within calling distance at all times (above or on the ground).

After about half an hour of instruction and putting on the harnesses (depending on group size and athleticism), the courses can be climbed freely.

The maximum climbing time (including instruction) is 4 hours.

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In the following section we present the courses in more detail:

The briefing

Introductions to the adventure course take place every half hour with up to 20 people. For larger groups we are happy to block the briefing for longer.

In our instruction area with our two instruction courses you can familiarize yourself with the belay and your harness.

After a short welcome, putting on the harness and demonstration of belaying by your guide, it is up to you to go through the ground level and short familiarization course.

Once you have successfully completed one of the two courses, you can already set off on your own and tackle more difficult tasks.

Throughout the briefing period, your guide will be available to answer any questions or provide assistance.

Adventure 1

Adventure 1 starts directly at the briefing area and gets off to an exciting start with the small Tarzan jump.

Once you have completed the climb up the rope ladder, latch onto the vine of one of the two jumps and swing yourself full of courage into the Tarzan net.

More slightly easier elements await you to “warm up” and the long ropeway at the end takes you even deeper into the forest and directly to Adventure 2.

Adventure 2

Adventure 2 is already of a different caliber, as you will easily notice from the already significantly higher and longer entry.

Once at the top, several possible routes and climbing levels await you. There is something here for everyone in your group.

Master the strenuous “Ankerbrücke” (anchor bridge) or opt for the direct route via the “Alpensteig” (alpine path) to the cable car and solid ground under your feet.

Adventure 3

This course also begins in a sporty manner. Brave as a pirate, you climb the first platform over a climbing net.

At the top, several paths await you again, for example over the “boatswain’s chair” or the wobbly “swinging boards”.

As a reward you will find the wakeboard at the end. Jump or stand on it and surf back through the leaves to the forest floor.

Adventure 4

In Adventure 4, the big Tarzan leap awaits a brave Tarzan or a daredevil Jane.

First, however, you have to enter the course via a long rope ladder, which lets you climb to a height of about 8 meters.

Then it’s a matter of picking your way. Of course you can skip the big Tarzan jump, but do you really want to miss out on this exhilarating swinging sensation?

Many other climbing elements like the mean “Indiana Jones Bridge” await you in this course, where you will certainly not get bored.

The long cable car brings you safely back to the ground and on a direct route to the start of the mega cable car.

Special course

Included as a special challenge in the adventure course:

the partner course,the Xtreme course withdeath trap and the panorama course!